The Craziest Celebrity Moments in Met Gala History

The Met gala is being celebrated a little differently this year, but it’s still sure to be a star-studded event. ? Throughout the years, the star-studded event has been the site of some unforgettable celebrity moments—from Lady Gaga’s elaborate striptease to Rihanna’s riveting performance on top of a dinner table. And who could forget when Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were first caught dancing flirtatiously with each other, kindling the Hiddleswift phenomenon? Take a walk down memory lane with this list of the craziest celebrity moments.

Lady Gaga bares it all, 2019

There are, quite simply, no words for the performance Lady Gaga put on at the 2019 Met Gala. The actress and singer showed up in a fuschia Brandon Maxwell cape gown with a 25-foot train, taking off layer after layer until she was writhing on the steps of the Met in lingerie, fishnets, and sky-high heels. Nobody does it better!

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Billy Porter gets carried in on a litter, 2019

Billy Porter set a new standard: How else would one enter the Met Gala if not carried in by six shirtless men? Things only got more jaw-dropping from there, as the Pose star showed off a custom “Sun God” ensemble by The Blonds, which included a bejeweled catsuit outfitted with 10-foot wings, a 24-karat gold headpiece, as well as custom gold-leaf Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and fine jewels by Andreoli, John Hardy, and Oscar Heyman.

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Jared Leto accessorizes with his own head, 2019

Why stick to jewelry or watches when you can walk down the Met Gala carpet holding your own head as the ultimate accessory? That’s exactly what Leto did in 2019, courtesy of Gucci (the severed heads first appeared on the fall 2018 runway), and it was both terrifying and impossible to look away from.

2 Chainz “proposes” to Kesha Ward, 2018

It was the moment nobody expected: rapper 2 Chainz proposed to partner Kesha Ward on the Met Gala red carpet. Getting down on one knee, he popped the question and Ward (thankfully) said yes, as the crowd of photographers snapped and cheered away. But not so fast: it appeared the couple was already married, so consider it more of a reaffirmation of their affection. Or an excuse for Ward to wear a new ring.

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