Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week: Salem Mitchell, Elle Fanning and More

This past week on Instagram, a “lil living room glam,” as Megan Thee Stallion put it, kept followers inspired while at home. The rapper paired her icy blue lids with blunt bangs and glossed lips. Meanwhile, Salem Mitchell and Elle Fanning got similarly creative with their eye makeup, the former serving up a swirled “pearls for the girls” statement, while the latter painted her gaze with bright strokes of blood orange alongside a matching pout.

Others kept it moving: Willow Smith successfully transitioned from handstand to a Titibasana pose for the first time in her yoga journey. FKA Twigs continued to lift her followers up with her guided at-home workouts, using a conditioning dance warm up to “feel strong, graceful, and prepared for more challenging and creative movements.” And with a cascade of long raven waves, Raveena serenaded onlookers with a soothing cover of “Let My Baby Stay” by Mac DeMarco.

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