Met Gala Couples: The 18 Best Celebrity Couple Moments

In the world of red carpet style, the Met Gala has been the place for celebrity couples to be seen together. Whatever the theme, history has shown that many famous pairs have coordinated their looks for the stylish affair. Last year, for instance, saw a particularly high number of couples who matched for the event. And while this year’s Met Gala has been postponed indefinitely, Vogue is celebrating the spirit of the ball, looking back on the couple style moments that still resonate today.

If the Met Gala is a place for bold, one-of-kind fashion to be unveiled, it’s also a place where high-profile couples have made their red carpet debuts. Take Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, for instance. They cemented their relationship with a joint appearance in 2017—her in a ethereal powder blue Valentino dress, him in a classic tuxedo. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik also walked the red carpet for the first time together in 2016: the couple wore two futuristic getups inspired by the year’s technology theme, Hadid in a space age–chic Tommy Hilfiger gown and Malik in a robot-armed Versace suit. (Now, the pair is expecting their first child together!).

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