Sarah Jessica Parker Shares a Timeless Playlist Inspired by the Met Gala Theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration”

As the first Monday in May approaches, Vogue asked some of our favorite stars to create a playlist featuring timeless songs inspired by the theme of this year’s Met gala and the upcoming Costume Institute exhibition, “About Time: Fashion and Duration.”

True to the theme, Sarah Jessica Parker—whose ingenious looks always make a mark on the Met gala red carpet—cast her musical net far and wide. “I love all these songs,” she tells Vogue. “A diverse list of singers and songwriters from countless decades—some songs not big hits, but they remain on my list, always and forever.”

Whether it’s the indelible “Ain’t No Sunshine” by late soul legend Bill Withers, huge pop hits from the ’80s (Tears for Fears, anyone?), or surprising 2000s tracks from singers like Sufjan Stevens and Fiona Apple, Parker leaves no musical stone unturned. (And you’ll love her Beyoncé pick.)

Listen to Sarah Jessica Parker’s playlist on Spotify:

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