25 Easy White Dresses For Women Perfect For Summer Days Ahead

Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, May 1985

White dresses for women are summer’s unofficial uniform, whether your preference is for a gauzy tiered gown or a structured poplin mini. Just add a sandal, maybe a piece of jewelry, and you’re ready for whatever the day has in store for you. It’s quite easy to live in white dresses day in and day out all summer long. There are only two situations when wearing a white dress isn’t appropriate: when you’re going to a wedding or when you’re doing something messy and could put your white dress in danger of stains. But this year the former isn’t as pressing of a worry. Aside from when you’re attending a Zoom wedding, you can live in a white dress 24/7—literally, if one of your choices is a nightgown. From prairie dresses, to shirt dresses, to slip dresses, here are 25 easy white dresses for women to get you in the mood for summer.

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