17 Menswear Designers Reflect on a Spring 2021’s Reset

As the tall tale goes, fashion is a reflection of society’s values. And as our world currently navigates through several necessary growing pains, I’ve been wondering how designers might reflect our current moment in their upcoming collection. Will this finally incite a turning point in a dramatic break from the past? What will be the outcome of this disrupting time in the world of menswear, and how will it ultimately alter our relationship with clothes?

I’ve always been a firm believer that moments of adversity and turmoil are capable of ushering some of the most fruitful creative moments. They cause people to turn inward to reevaluate and reflect on their work’s relationship with the rest of society. And though fantasy and glossy pages take up a large amount of real estate, fashion is not meant to remain in a vacuum that is only enraptured by material aspirations. Through all the tulle and leather, fashion’s other half is meant to pose questions and challenge the status quo necessary for a better future.

Because of my curiosity, I’ve asked several menswear designers for a token that reflects their process over the past several months, whether that be a sketch, drawing, fitting session, a snapshot of their workspace, or beyond. From places of solace in their rose garden to posing with the muses for their upcoming designs, this kaleidoscope of thoughts alludes to not only the first collections showcased post-COVID-19, but the new era of men’s fashion.