Sofia Coppola Goes Behind-the-Scenes at Chanel in a New Documentary

It’s such a blessing for them to have kept all of that and that she can go and reference and see. I mean, of course they really treasure their heritage and take care of it. I got to try on one of Coco Chanel’s jackets. It was really her jacket. It was completely surreal. Not to brag, but it was very thrilling.

What is it like to collaborate with Virginie and bring your perspective coming from the world of cinema to a fashion brand?

It was very natural because I feel that I have a long connection and knowledge and love of Chanel, so it’s ingrained in me. I’m a fan. So it felt more like, “What if you got to put in your two cents and actually get it incorporated into the show?” That was really exciting. Virginie was open to what I love about Chanel and open to having a conversation.

My main role was really the atmosphere. It was working on the music, and the lighting, and the set, so that was natural and what I do in a film. She created the girls and the looks. But when I do a film, the sets have to relate to what the people are wearing—it all has to come together. So it was fun to listen to what she was doing, and then incorporate the atmosphere and sets to complement what she was designing.

As someone who has such a lifelong connection with Chanel, what do you enjoy the most about what Virginie has done with her artistic direction of the brand?

I love that she incorporates so much of the history and codes that we love, and then makes it in a cool, modern, very wearable way. I feel like Coco Chanel wanted women to feel comfortable and confident, and that just felt like where she was coming from. I feel like Virginie does that too. I love her style, and I think she brings the way she dresses to the clothes, and it has a kind of ease about it, and it never feels fancy or stuffy, but they’re so beautifully made, but you can wear them in a casual way.

Have you been keeping up with the digital fashion weeks that are happening online?

You know, I looked at the Chanel Couture because I was curious; there was a long navy dress, which was really beautiful. I haven’t looked around otherwise. Has anyone actually done a runway show?

I think there are going to be some shows in Paris and Milan next week, a couple of shows.

I feel like we’re all … I’m just so happy to see beautiful clothes because we’re all tired of being in our lounge wear.