The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week: Dua Lipa, FKA Twigs, Alicia Keys, and More

We really must watch the epic upcoming virtual performance with FKA Twigs and Dua Lipa on November 27 at 9PM. This past week, FKA Twigs announced on her Instagram that the two blazingly beautiful, fashion-forward musicians will be performing together on Lipa’s project, the exclusive online performance Studio2054. (Lipa’s site describes it as a “rocket-fuelled journey through time.”) Judging by their smoldering looks, the duo will be great together. On the ’gram, Lipa opted for a sleek white shirt with a tie and jeans, while FKA Twigs wore a pert lime green jacket with a fur trim. Sign us up!

Need to calm down after all of that excitement? Well, take a look at Alicia Keys. She gave us the most relaxed look of the week. The glowing musician sat in her bed with a groovy cropped Grateful Dead T-shirt and cargo pants, accessorized with a pillow. She left us with some wise words in her caption, which read: “Pillow fight anyone??? The best medicine is laughter. Make sure u laugh today?!!” 

Of course, there was a red hot moment from Kylie Jenner, who posed in an extreme crop top this week. Ms. Jenner captioned the post with: “love that for you.” What does she love for me? For us? I’m unsure. What I am also still unsure of is how her semi-sheer leaf print top is worn. From the image, it appeared to wrap around the neck, but also has a cut-out in the center of the chest, and also gaps underneath the arms. It’s a daring mystery. She accessorized the bombshell look with a gold belly chain that sat right about her high-waisted gray denim pants.

Finally, there is a moment of chic reflection coming from Marc Jacobs. The designer posted a photo of himself in nature and a shining sun. He wrote: “On a clear day. Rise and look around you, and, you’ll see who you are….On a clear day how it will astound you..That the glow of your being outshines every star.” For the introspective occasion, he opted for a Gucci monogrammed purple blazer that went quite nicely with his wine hued turtleneck, and yes, lavender dyed coif. Let’s take that energy into the next week.

Here, see the best fashion Instagrams of the week. 

Photo: @thewhynotgallery