Ashley Williams Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Not long before she began making this collection, Ashley Williams found two tiny partridge chicks lying desperate, nestless and deserted on the lawn of the country house she had recently decamped to with her boyfriend. She took them in, named them Penny and Peter (mystifyingly overlooking the obvious option that is Alan, and so the household, which also consists of rescue dogs Stuart and Didi, was complete. Moving out of London, said Williams has distinctly altered her creative process: “Things that used to drive you seem less important, and on the other side I feel it has opened me up to new areas which I really enjoy.”

As per, this was an instinctively eclectic clothing collage packed with jaunty, sometimes absurdist garments built both to attract and evade attention. Prints featured belly button and tongue bars, while actual piercing hardware was used to embellish knitwear and fringe a Chanel-y skirt suit. The dirndl-esque dress at the top was hand airbrushed by a guy Williams found online who usually specializes in detailing muscle cars, while the tartan-skirted girl printed on another skirt was an image taken again from her cache of old tattoo enthusiast magazines.

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