Ganni Resort 2022 Collection | Vogue

Ditte Reffstrup has always been a daydreamer, sometimes to fault; at least, that’s what her childhood teachers said. But as the creative director of Ganni, it’s one of the many secrets behind the label’s success. The Ganni “look” is a magpie mix of things happily thrown together as if the wearer got distracted: a utility boot with a sweet Peter Pan shirt, an argyle vest with a sequined mini, a feathered frock over a graphic tee. Nothing is ever too perfect or too planned.

Still, even Reffstrup found it difficult to daydream in the gloomy days of winter, when this collection was coming together. Several months and many lockdowns into the pandemic, she felt sapped for inspiration. But rather than dwell on the dismal present, she and her team looked boldly forward, imagining clothes they’d wear on a wild night out—ideally IRL. Reffstrup recalled letting go of what she felt they “needed” to design or what was guaranteed to sell, and instead went for it with audacious, experimental new ideas.

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