The 2021 Hair Trends That Are Poised to Take Over This Summer

“I’d like to see people returning to statement haircuts—we’ve just gone through a year-long pandemic, so most people weren’t able to get their hair cut or trimmed. Go for the bangs, the chin-length bob, the mullet! Get the cut you’ve always wanted, but were afraid to. Let’s return to haircuts as a form of personal expression.

“At the moment, I like anything with warmer tones, things that look sun-kissed and have redness to them. It can work for all types of skin tone—you just have to find the right shade for you. In terms of color placement, I love seeing the comeback of the 1990s chunky highlight or a peekaboo patch of color.

“People should play around with a variety of colors and styles, whether it be a super-snatched high pony, a zig-zag part, or even a bouffant. It would be nice to see more diversity—people doing things that are personal to them and defying the norms.”

Leading hairstylist Gary Gill has worked with everyone from Balenciaga and Vetements to Loewe and Versace. Inspired by music and youth culture, he is celebrated for his cutting-edge aesthetic. Contributing beauty editor for Dazed & Confused, Gill is also the art director of salon and mentoring platform Emotive Hair.

“For boys, all-over crops, crew cut or military flat tops, bleached to a creamy blonde with a rawness and slight regrowth. For girls, short at the sides and back, with a long, floppy top or medium-length top giving height and texture, again with a creamy bleach and regrowth or chunky highlights, especially at the front. Also: short and low maintenance cuts with sun-bleached colors for a fun, carefree summer feel.”

Shiori Takahashi is a London-based hairstylist and contributing editor for Dazed Beauty. Inspired by subcultural trends, her playful style and boundary-pushing aesthetic has seen her work featured everywhere from British and American Vogue to i-D magazine, as well as campaigns for Byredo, Jil Sander and Vivienne Westwood.

“I’m into graphic hairstyles right now. The ‘princess cut’ is so gorgeous and I’m always inspired by old-school Vidal Sassoon cuts. I’m also loving how tight cornrows with wicked patterns can be seen all over the magazines.