Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her Lyrical New Eye Palette: “This Is Me Singing to You Through Makeup Instead of My Voice”

Is the goal with this palette to provide a bit of a music education—as well as a beauty tool?

I wouldn’t say it’s as much about educating people as loving people. The opportunity to sing with Tony again for me was all about love and we just wanted to celebrate jazz musicians. Cole Porter is one of Tony’s all-time favorite songwriters and he wanted to make an entire record of his songs, so he called me the day that Cheek to Cheek went #1, and he said, “Hey Lady, I want to make a record of all Cole Porter songs!” So I said, “OK, Tony,” and I always keep my word to Tony. It’s also about bringing the spirit of jazz forward by bringing forward the names of people who have sung jazz music, and paying respect where respect is due.

High-performance pigments are what Haus Labs does, but what about those of us who, say, don’t live high-performance lives?

Truly, if it’s stage-proof, it’s life proof! I personally always test, wear, and use this stuff on myself. If I’m on stage, I’m exerting high energy, I’m sweating, I’m singing, I’m making a lot of expressions with my face. What I really love about this product is that it doesn’t crease, and there’s no fall out, no matter what you’re doing.

Confirm or deny: you used this palette on the set of House of Gucci.

We absolutely did. We used the palette while we were filming—and we also used a whole other collection that will be coming out soon. But Sarah Tanno really developed this palette based on the colors we used while Tony and I were making this album. It is a truly authentic palette that’s pushing the boundaries of what artistry can be. I always say, You don’t have to be an artist to look like art. I think a lot of people feel like they have to be really good at makeup to use great products. But this is great for people who are amazing at doing makeup, and also really approachable and usable. It’s intuitive. And that’s really important to me.

Haus Labs’ Love for Sale Shadow Palette will be available on September 28th at