Sarah Jessica Parker Shares a Timeless Playlist Inspired by the Met Gala Theme “About Time: Fashion and Duration”

As the first Monday in May approaches, Vogue asked some of our favorite stars to create a playlist featuring timeless songs inspired by the theme of this year’s Met gala and the upcoming Costume Institute exhibition, “About Time: Fashion and Duration.” True to the theme, Sarah Jessica Parker—whose ingenious looks always make a mark on … Read more

Bolero Juilliard: Juilliard Students and Celebrity Alumni Band Together for a Special Lockdown Performance

As life under lockdown continues, the arts community is finding new ways to evolve its performances onto online formats. From special Broadway productions to weekly Met opera streams, these virtual streams foster creative collaboration, while continuing to inspire and entertain audiences who are sheltering in place. The latest to partake in the movement is The … Read more

Isabel Bonner’s Sculptural Jewelry Doubles as Decor to Brighten The Mood During Quarantine

Photo: Courtesy of Isabel Bonner Putting on jewelry to shelter in place seems slightly over-the-top. After seven weeks of self-isolating, statement earrings and chunky bracelets just feel superfluous to needs. There is one stylist and designer however who thinks of jewelry in a different way, especially right now. Isabel Bonner’s minimalist silver and pearl earrings … Read more

How Jennifer Weiner, C. Pam Zhang, Emma Straub, and Other Book-World Luminaries Are Adapting

There’s not a business in America that’s managed to remain wholly untouched by the coronavirus pandemic (except maybe Zoom), but the publishing industry has been hit particularly hard: with bookstores shuttering and literary festivals around the world being called off, it’s difficult to chart a precise path forward for the future of books—especially as we … Read more

Why I Still Love New York, Even During a Pandemic

On October 29 1975, Gerald Ford, then the president of the United States, gave a speech in which he said would he not support legislation that would have provided a federal bailout to New York City, which was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. The next morning, The New York Daily News summed up his … Read more

The Craziest Celebrity Moments in Met Gala History

The Met gala is being celebrated a little differently this year, but it’s still sure to be a star-studded event. ? Throughout the years, the star-studded event has been the site of some unforgettable celebrity moments—from Lady Gaga’s elaborate striptease to Rihanna’s riveting performance on top of a dinner table. And who could forget when … Read more

David Beckham’s Style Evolution Is Something To Behold

David Beckham is one of the most consistently best-dressed celebrities today. And one could say that he’s had some help from his wife, Victoria Beckham, in the styling department. But the pro-athlete has always had an eye for fashion—Victoria just helped him refine it. Since the couple first started dating in the ’90s, Beckham has … Read more