How to Boost Your Mood: 5 Science-Backed Strategies

For almost a decade, through my work as a mental health researcher at the University of Cambridge, and my own pursuit of the science of wellbeing, I’ve looked at how to become resilient and bounce back from challenges such as anxiety and depression. This research—involving analyzing the data of more than 30,000 people, and interviews with hundreds of individuals I’ve met through my radio show and seminars—has led me to realize that there are 10 negative moods or patterns that hold people back in life and get in the way of their happiness, including indecision, procrastination, lack of self-control, anxiety and rejection.

So, I wrote The Instant Mood Fix (Penguin, 2021), which contains 50 science-based coping strategies to help you get closer to the life you want. It includes people’s experiences and research that shows us how we can recover from difficult situations.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to enhance their mental health—it’s the empowerment approach. With consistent practice, you can move forward and find a new way of perceiving the world, connecting to other people, and rebounding from challenges. I firmly believe that no matter what age you are, you can take charge of your wellbeing and turn things around.

Here is a taste of the solutions for challenging life situations that can be found in the book.

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